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in u.s. history threaten to undermine support pour the war in afghanistan. >> more than 90,000 documents leaked to a whistle-blower site than official records have ever portrayed. >> this morning, the white house and pentagon are in damage control mode. nick schifrin is in kabul. we begin with john hendren in washington. >> reporter: good morning. most of the tens of thousands of documents are what's called raw intelligence submitted by junior officers. but u.s. intelligence, as well as everyone else are now sifting through them. this flood of documents was written through january 2004 to january 2009. underfunded and undersupported, despite a taliban insurgency at that growing strongerer and fiercer. the white house immediately condemned the leak saying those conditions were exactly why the president announced a new strategy and a troop surge this year. still, the white house is struggling to stem the damage. >> it will create a lot of tension. the national security adviser just put out a release saying this thanes national security. there's a lot ever detail in this. not
, afghanistan announces when it will be ready to police its provinces without u.s. help. so, when can all the troops come home? >>> well worries. a leak in the capped oil well could be a sign of more trouble. but bp has a plan. >>> and a lockup. lindsay lohan becomes the latest star to serve time in just a few hours. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. for the first time, afghan leaders are setting a date when they will be ready to take over national security. >> the big announcement came just hours ago meeting of leaders from around the world, including the u.s. secretary of state. it was a meeting that was nearly interrupted by violence. >> nick schifrin is live in kabul this morning. >> reporter: a busy day. good morning, rob. good morning, vinita. afghan president, hamid karzai, has viewed the that his hope t security forces will be able to take control of security in the country in five years. but he never used the date 2014. that is now the date that he hopes that his police, his army, can take control of all 34 provinces across the country. that is a very ambitious goa
. >>> tonight on "nightline" -- leaky secret. it's the biggest leak in u.s. military history. 92,000 classified reports on the war in afghanistan. posted on the internet for all to see. we sit down with wikileak's founder to find out why he thinks it's a public service to public what was once top secret. >>> the bottom line -- with the market for diapers worth $7 billion, it's no surprise that diaper companies have swaddling bottoms down to a science. tonight, we visit the closely guarded lab -- yes, diaper lab -- where scientists, engineers and seamstresses work to create the perfect nappy. >>> and stepping up -- he's a star in limbo. the gray area between tween heartthrob and full-on sex symbol. tonight, we go on the town with zac efron as he attempts to go through hollywood's sometimes treacherous waters. >>> good evening, i'm terry mor mor moron. it's the biggest leak in u.s. military history. 92,000 classified documents published on the website wikileaks. it paints a picture of a war gone wrong in afghanistan. details corruption in the afghan government and pakistani support
.p. ceo tony hayward is out. a senior u.s. government official says hayward is being replaced by possibly the managing directly, bob dudly. hayward angered gulf coast residents after saying he wanted his life back in the weeks following the oil rig explosion. we have more. >> no one who wants this thing over more than i do. i want my life back. >> reporter: he may be close to getting his wish. the an an is reporting he will be ousted this week. b.p. has denied the report. it's welcome news for frustrated louisiana locals. >> we need to get our way of life back. our life back, as he wanted. and the only way we're going to do that if with somebody on the ground that has the common-sense approach, that can make decisions quickly. >> reporter: work on drilling a relief well has resumed less than a day after tropical storm bonnie blew through. retired admiral thad allen said they may by able to kill the well in a week. >> the opt -- optimum outcome is to proceed with. >> the archbishop urging parishioners not to lose hope. >> the future is uncertain but god it your 0, -- rock, and he will neve
for sealing that well. >>> desperate search. two u.s. troops now missing in afghanistan. new details of how they were ambushed at a busy marketplace. >>> an open book. the place 500 million people are now revealing the instant secrets of their lives. >>> good evening. all eyes were on the gulf early today and whether a tropical storm would make the disastrous oil spill even worse, but we begin with the weather tonight a thousand miles to the north and east. torrential rain soaking portions of the midwest stranding residents, flooding highways and causing a dam to fail. in the east, deadly triple-digit heat and tropical humidity making this one of the worst days in the summer of record-breaking temperatures. we have two reports on the extreme weather. we start off with abc's eric horng who is outside of chicago in westchester, illinois. >> reporter: good evening, sharyn. the water here came up quickly while many were asleep. and today many streets here in westchester look just like this one. the water here has started to recede but for many, not soon enough. it was a nonstop 12-hour deluge,
be a major change of leadership at b.p. soon. a senior u.s. government official says the company's chief executive, tony hayward, is being replaced and could be gone as early as tomorrow. he you're looking at a live picture off the well. we have more. >> there's no one that wants this thing orr more than i do i want my life back. >> reporter: he may be close to getting his wish. he is reported by going to be out the this week. >> we need to get our life back, as he wanted, and the only way we're going to do that is with somebody on the ground that has the common-sense approach to make decisions quickly. >> reporter: work on drilling a relief well has resumed after morning -- more than a day. they may be able to kill the damaged well in a week. >> the opt -- optimum you can can is to proceed with the project. >> reporter: the ashe -- -- the future is uncertain but god is your rock. and he will never abandon you. >> reporter: that faith, mixed with forgiveness, for man who said he needed the most, hayward. >> all of us say things we regret saying later. and i feel sorry for him. >> reporte
. osenior u.s. official tells the associated press, hayward's removal is a done deal, making him the first top bp official to lose his job since the spill. but he's not leaving empty handed. pension make fs and a huge t.nsion make for a golden is inute. matt gutman is in the gulf tonight. tonigh matt? ma >> reporter: bill, tony hayward bp's he public face of bp's publicdisaster, its public elations failure. whilehile he took great pains to apologize for the oil spill, it's the other it's the other things he said that may have been his undoing. get infamously, that he wanted his life back. ely e-- he may get it. it's widely expected the embattled ceo will be forced out by the by the company's board when it meets tomorrow. rrow.eplacement? bob dudley, the mississippian ho soothed tensions where thed tensions. to stoke them. at first, hayward, an engineer gachs.ining, emerged as earnest, but prone to gaffes. >> i think the environmental impact of this disaster has been asry, very modest. ry reporter: but there was one o sealeems to seal his fate. >> no one wants this thing over more than i do
and london's guardians newspaper recording one of the biggest leaks of classified documents in u.s. history. the papers dated from 2004 to 2009 reveal how pakistan spy agency guided the insurgency in afghanistan. the files also explain how a secret special forces unit hunts down taliban leaders for kill or capture without a trial and how the taliban acquired surface to air missiles. the online whistle blower organization provided the information but the source is believed to be a u.s. army analyst arrested in iraq and already charged with leaking is classified information. >>> this sunday in afghanistan the taliban claimed responsibility for killing one u.s. sailor and capturing another during an ambush. u.s. forces come firm two navy personnel went missing friday. there is an offer of a $20,000 for information about their where abouts. >> from what i know right now and again i don't have all the details on this, this is an unusual circumstance. >> despite this admiral mike mullen says he is more optimistic than ever that the u.s. mission in afghanistan can be accomplished but he warns as m
responsible for publishing the leaks says he's exposing u.s. war crimes. the white house says he's putting lives at risk. mark matthews is here now with more on the bay area reporter involved in bringing all of this to light. mark? >> this is being called one of the biggest intelligence breeches in u.s. history. 92,000 leaked reports, six years of classified records depicting a messy and brutal struggle in afghanistan. the information leaked includes reports the taliban are using heat-seeking missiles and that pakistan's military spy agency is in league with afghan insurgents including taliban. and accepting billions of dollars in u.s. aid. >> it's posing a real and potential threat to those working hard every day. >> the reports were first posted on wiki leaks, a whistle-blower web site. the information believed to be army specialist brad manning a 35-year-old analyst now in jail in kuwait. the founder of wiki links says there is no public evidence manning is the source. >> as far as we're able is that it's not that he is the source of the material. >> the computer hacker turning in manni
know, the high octane british prime minister, david cameron, arrived for his first u.s. visit since taking office in early may. and we had a chance to interview him. cameron and obama, both in their 40s, both with young children. but cameron is a conservative, and on this day, we learned bp is selling $7 billion in assets to another oil company, the apache corporation, to generate cash for the costs of the oil spill. cameron has been worried that the unrelenting u.s. pressure on the company could affect the stockholders on both sides of the ocean. are you as angry about what happened in the gulf as americans are? >> yes, i was very angry about it, because anyone who cares about the environment, when you see those pictures of oil pouring out of an underground well and doing so much environmental damage, doing so much damage to wildlife, to beaches, to livelihood, that makes you angry. and i want bp to sort it out. i do think it's in britain's interest and also america's interest, and the world's interest, that bp remains a strong and stable company, not only so it's able to make thos
to take part in military exercises, the north says the u.s.-south korean exercises will result in a retall torre sacred world. >> we should be very worried about this. north korea is comfortable being a state that makes nuclear threats. >> all this after the secretary of state and defense secretary visited the korean demill tarrized zone, and saying these military excises are meant to send a clear signal. >> we have seen nothing that gives us any reason to believe that north korea is ready to end its provac consecutive belligerent behavior. >> threats from the north are nothing new but take on new meaning after the sinking of a south korean vessel. >> the white house is not commending on the north corn threat bunt it doesn't mean these exercised haven't created a war of words. >> there will be physical response. >> reporter: that statement from a north korean spokesman, answered by the defense secretary. >> taking steps that further strengthen deterrence and also demonstrate our determination not to be intimidated. >> reporter: 8,000 troops, 20 ships, and 200 aircraft start sending that me
openly. >> we don't see police. there's no police around here. >> reporter: a u.s. district court judge agreed with the obama administration that the arizona law was unconstitutional on its face. arizona filed an appeal to the ninth circuit court of appeals. the legal controversy over sp 1070 will likely be decided in the supreme court. brad wheelis, abc news. >>> authorities say the federal judge in the case has been getting threats over her controversial ruling. and they are taking them all seriously. the u.s. marshal spokesman says judge susan bolton, has received thousands of phone calls and e-mails since her preliminary injunction this week. the threats are all being investigated. >>> on capitol hill, the house ethics committee is preparing to try new york congressman charles rangel for a series of ethics violations. the charges against the democrat have now been made public after a two-year investigation. jonathan karl has the story. >> reporter: the ethics committee report on rangel is detailed. and it is scathe. it accuses him of, quote, a pattern of disregard for the laws of th
last week, hillary clinton called pakistan a partner. the u.s. gives more than $1 billion annually to pakistan to help fight terrorism. but there are 180 dispatches here, some offering strong details that pakistan's military intelligence agency, the isi, is helping the afghan insurgency attack american troops. in another one, an official from the cia's counterterrorism center says two religious schools or madrassas near peshawar, pakistan, are providing 95% of suicide attackers. the cia adds this chilling detail -- every month, quote, the former chief of isi, general hamid gul, is visiting one of the madrassas. there is also horrifying detail about civilian deaths in 2007. five ground-launched american rockets destroy a compound where it is believed a senior al qaeda commander is staying. the army delta force arrives to find seven children killed by the rockets and no al qaeda commander. there is a strong warning to anyone reading the secret report not to share the information with anyone outside the united states. saying the rocket strike must be kept protected. and one of the mor
into the family garage on thursday. all five dogs have been euthanized. >> u.s. copy right office does bad cards to apple and cell phone carriers today giving aproveal to practice that's were once illegal. and interest there is details of fash-reaching changes for consumers. >> it's a major upset for apple. the copy right office ruled its okay for iphone users to modify phones. once done, iphones won't be restricted to running applications down loaded from apple. >> there is allowing other companies to compete. it's a good thing. and bad for apple. of course. >> jail breaking carries risks requiring coding to be changed in systems. and engineers say it's not easy for amateurs oo. you can see jail break not everyone will be willing to do that. >> in fact, apple issued a warning jail breaking with cause the iphone to become unstable. the associate director of the project sees benefits for consumers and app developer autos they can market these new apps and you know, generate more ideas and get them out there. that consumers can use them without a fear they're violating copy right law to do so. >>
. >> but the gritty details from six years of war is rattling the already shaky support for the u.s. campaign. john hendren joins us now from washington with the latest. good morning john. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. good morning, rob. the head of the website, wikileaks, says what he likes to do is crush those who abuse their power. but the pentagon says when it comes to leaked documents in the war in afghanistan, what they're doing is endangering national security. the sheer scope of the leak is unprecedented. >> there's names. there's operations. there's logistics. there's sources. >> reporter: the biggest security breach in u.s. military history. 92,000 classified documents, published on the website wikileaks. the leaked records detail missions gone horfully wrong. helicopters shot down. and allies, the pakistanis playing a deadly double-cross with the americans. all of it setting off alarm bells in washington. >> it poses a very real and potential threat to those who are working hard to keep us safe. >> reporter: 180 of the dispatches suggest pakistan's military intell
in the u.s. is it global warming? n?> and want to win? takesp shooter takes on a carnival game at the state fair. >>> good evening. arizona's immigration law is on ild. the protests are not. emboldened by a judge's rebuke embold of that law yesterday, hundreds of that law s opponents of the crackdown sok to the streets today. but the state's unyielding but the unyieldingtood by the law and filed an appeal. barbara pinto is in phoenix phoenix she's been there all day, in the middle of the stormy showdown. >> reporter: protesters descended on phoenix -- >> never be defeated! >> reporter: despite a judge's ruling to delay enforcement of most of the state's new crackdown on illegal immigrants. demonstrations started at dawn, hundreds of protesters, dozens of arrests, tempering flaring. tensions are running high here outside this jail, where protesters have gathered. it's become a standoff with sheriff's deputies who are trying to push their way out of the building. demonstrations were loud, disruptive, but mostly peaceful. >> joe arpaio has picked the easy targets, the day laborers. let's go a
. the hope is if the u.s. can win points with the pakistani people and the pakistani military and the pakistani government can go after militants in afghanistan. it's those militants who have made afghanistan more violent ever ever, increasing security fears. >> reporter: in the afghan capital, police are gearing for a fight. hillary clinton an and her counterparts from 50 countries have arrived here. and the city is on edge. the major general is responsible for keeping kabul safe. the enemies of afghanistan will do their best to show the international community there is no peace or security, he says. those enemies succeeded. the suicide bomber killed three people here. the remnants of the bomber or the victims remained on this street long after the attack. this will give you a sense of the scene of a suicide explosion. over there, there's body parts from the suicide bomber, we won't show you those. over here, a motorcycle that was either hit or used by the suicide bomber. a sense of fear. obviously, worried about the journalists. the air around here smells acrid. do you and y
to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: north korea is vowing to respond with nuclear deterrents if u.s. military exercises go on as scheduled. authority korea routinely threatens war when south korea ask the u.s. hold joint military drills. >>> a massive search is underway in afghanistan for two missing u.s. navy service members. nato says they drove away from their compound in kabul yesterday and never returned. an official says they may have been killed or capture ud -- captured by the taliban. july is on track to become the deadliest month in the war in afghanistan for americans. >>> veterans from the afghanistan and iraq wars were celebrated at the oakland a's game today. iraq veteran had the honors of throwing out the first pitch of the game. got to share a special moment with his family, including his one-month-old daughter. >> oakland a's are may favorite dream to to be given the honor of throwing out the first pitch, means a lot to me. hopefully i won't mess it up. >> alan: there's the pitch and didn't mess up too badly. he says it's great to see people supporting supporting th
. >> u.s. education department named california one of 19 finalists in the second round of competition to reform schools. it offers $3 billion in grants. california got nothing in the first round. it since made new commitments to improve struggling schools and improve the gap. obama administration has been fighting for teacher pay and for teacher tenure and expand charter schools. >> gubernatorial candidate meg whitman is locked in a tight battle with the governor but they are asking about her future plans. >> if you win at the november you are at the top of the republican party. ever thought about running for the white house? >> no. i am here to run california. i want to fix california. where california goes does the country. >> the former ceo appeared on "good morning america" today. she says the focus is helping california out of the recession. state's unemployment rate is 12.3%. she has spent $90 million and most of it was her own money. she faces jerry brown in the general election. if brown wins in november it would be the third time elected to the state's top post. >> authoritie
? >>> in other news now, one of the biggest leaks of military records in u.s. history is now threatening to weaken support for the war in afghanistan. more than 90,000 documents leaked to an online whistleblower site revealed details of the war from 2004 to 2009. they show a u.s.-led effort that simply lacked funds and resources, even as the taliban insurgency grew stronger. the pure volume of the disclosure is simply enormous. here's senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: it will create a lot of tension. the national security adviser just put out a release saying this threatens national security. there's a lot of detail in this. not really anything very new, but listen to this. pakistan's military spy service has guided the afghan insurgency. how a secret unit of special forces hunts down taliban leaders for kill or capture without trial. how the u.s. has evidence that the taliban has acquired surface-to-air missiles. >> abc's martha raddatz. she will take an in-depth look at the records leak and its impact later today on "good morning america." >>> meanwhile
in effect. they say no pacific wide tsunami is examine expected to reach the west coast of the u.s. or here. >> no oil is leaking in the gulf. bp have extended testing on the cap through this afternoon. they want to see if it can stay permanently sealed. >> this 80-ton cork called the stacking cap. late yesterday in a statement, admiral thad allen the u.s. government and bp allowed for the integrity test to continue another 24 hours. bp has hinted it could keep it sealed for weeks. >> there is no evidence that we lack integrity in the well. >> scientists had feared the pressure of shutting that oil in could rupture the cement casing. that is not happening. >> as long as its holding the pressure that is building inside of it, that is a very good sign. >> yet the government may ask bp to open the valve in the stacking cap to begin capturing the oil and siphoning up to ships on the surface getting one very important piece of information, the amount of oil that has been leaking. >> they can get a good number on what the flow rate was. >> the sum total could be up to 22 bye. there is visibly oil
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violent crime. the police scheefz a gang violence summit organized by u.s. attorney will take place next month. the fbi, drug enforcement, atf and immigration will be there to figure out what is needed most. and he says he's coming up with a plan to identify trouble spots in the story to go after in, his words, hot and heavy. >> shifting to be able to respond to 911 calls. >> oakland had to layoff 80 officers because of cuts. and tonight the city council is considering seven ballot measures for november ballot, some of which would help save jobs in the police department. >>> a man is under arrest tonight, accused of impersonating a cop, carrying a concealed weapon. 27-year-old taken into custody monday morning at a gas station. he was sitting in this black crown victoria rigged to look like an under cover car, including strobe lights and a dash board computer, inside were badges, a police radio and baton. investigators say it's easier to get that stuff than you might this. >> strobe lights. and spot lights. and yae. you name it. they're available online. i can't see anything that is not
organize, to defend the rights of my grants. we organize u.s. citizens. so that they vote. he's going to be a huge target. >> the demonstrators fear it means people arrested for small infractions will be deported and children, left behind. law student says she saw this firsthand working in a ventura county law office. >> their families just must be heart broken. it's something like you know like a traffic infraction or something like that that is so little could just shatter families life in an instant. >> the executive director of alliance for a sustainable usa supports fcom saying it's time to control immigration. >> american taxpayers should not be paying for social services because illegal families. >> brown's san francisco office did promise to pass on the contact information saying maybe a face-to-face meeting could be arranged. and we did call hoiz sacramento office today for comment on the events and just have not yet heard back. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and a group gathered in pleasanton this evening to protest ruling that overturned a toughest part of th
. so far this month, at least 42 u.s. troops have died in the war in afghanistan. that puts july on pace to be one of the deadliest months yet in the conflict. >> for the mother of one of those troops killed, a surreal moment happened when she was actually watching abc news. she saw something only a mother could have noticed. here's martha raddatz. >> when i saw the footage, it was on an abc news report. and i saw the footage. and what i saw was a soldier being put on a medevac helicopter. and it was only showing the soldier from the chest down. but it showed his hands. i knew they were his hands because i'm his mother. >> reporter: this is the mother of 21-year-old stephan mace, who loved animals, his army buddies, and his family. >> and i looked over to my husband and i said, richard, those are stephan's hands, i just know they are. after we saw that, i somehow tried getting in touch with the reporter. >> reporter: she found our karen russo, who was the reporter in the medevac helicopter that night, taping the scene. >> the mom had somehow, in less than ten seconds, maybe less
month was the deadliest for u.s. troops. and more afghan civilians aredye dying than ever before. and as more americans die in afghanistan, more americans back home are questioning the war. in december, 52% said the war was worth fighting. today, that number is 43%. the increased fighting has a lot to do with it. as fewer troops die in iraq, support for that war has increased. up 8 points to 42%. but right now, americans are deeply concerned about whether both wars are worth it. the u.s. has spent $1 trillion in iraq and afghanistan. and more than 5,500 men and women have been killed. but still, only about half say the iraq and afghanistan wars have improved long-term american security. the fear for the u.s. in afghanistan, the next few months will only get more violent. and that could further erode u.s. support. >> we're engaged in a contest of wills. our enemies are doing all they can to undermine the confidence of the afghan people. >> reporter: and support in a lot of the skepticism comes from president obama's own party. whereas 57% of republicans say they support the war. t
armstrong team sponsored by the the u.s. postal service. when was the first time you were handed something? >> lance armstrong handed me some testosterone patches. it's just a little patch you put on your skin. it's not like -- a blood transfusion is a bit more dramatic. it's a large needle, and it's blood. but a patch deliverers testosterone, transdermal patch, not a big thing. >> reporter: did you see lance armstrong receiving transfusions? >> yes. >> reporter: more than once? >> yes. >> reporter: he says armstrong transfused his own blood, a banned practice that gives endurance athletes an advantage by increasing the red blood cell count and therefore their endurance. a banned substance called ebo provides a similar effect. did you see him using other drugs? >> at times, yes. >> reporter: like what? well, there's not a whole lot, like i said, that helps. well, there's epo you can use, and small amounts during the tour de france, if you need to monitor certain parameters that are tested for. that change because of the blood trans fusions. >> reporter: you saw him using epo? >> i have, ya
. >> fascinating. thank you oo. and up next, tonight there is a crucial vote on funding u.s. war efforts overseas. >> and there is a new oil leak on a river in upper mid west. how this stream got foiled. >> and sudden death of one of the fiercesome raiders ever to hit the field. presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event. a fantastic opportunity to get a great offer on an all new cadillac srx luxury collection crossover... ..with a bose premium sound system. and an ultra-view sunroof designed to let more summer time in. summer brings out the @ñ so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a new cadillac. hurry in for great lease or purchase offers on an all new srx during cadillac's summer's best sales event going on now at your cadillac dealer. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees.
to be our ally -- how they may help to beat the u.s. army. it puts american lives at risk. we have an exclusive interview with a hacker who turned in the leaker, plus "the new york times" who published the report this morning. >> the scope. >> 92,000 documents. >>> other news, departure of tony hayward. he's leaving today and will likely announce his departure after that meeting. hayward is reported to get millions of dollars sure to anger millions of people on the gulf coast. >> you knew this day had to come. >>> we're getting to the severe weather striking. and the dam break in iowa causing all kinds of misery in the midwest. in the east, massive power outages as temperatures soar to triple digits once again. washington had a rough weekend. >> it was crazy out there. >>> we'll begin with the leaked documents causing a firestorm. senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz has the latest in washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. these 92,000 reports reveal six years of classified information offering blunt words about a war that looks even wors
this also that is these running groups are really picking up. not only are they now in the u.s., they are taking over in europe as well. wherever you are, you can find a group if you're inteáñáñáñáñáñáñ >>> funding fight. capitol hill democrats defy the president. >> costs of this war are too enormous in blood and treasure. >> the battle over money for the afghanistan war. >>> then, arizona exodus. the impact of the state's controversial immigration law, just before it takes effect. >>> and, challenging case. the difficulty in tracking down a suspected serial murderer. it's wednesday, july 28th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm rob nelson. >>> we begin with breaking news out of pakistan. authorities say at least five people have died after a commercial jetliner crashed into the hills above islamabad. >> investigators say the plane, owned by air blue, was taking off from karachi when it was about to land and lost control with the control tower and crashed. as you can see in that video it is still a very active scene
the $25 billion, for example, the u.s. alone has given for development to the afghan people. the afghan government argues that simply hasn't happened in the last nine years. >> how easy will it be to make that happen, potentially? >> yeah, rob, it's the key question. because it won't be easy at all. the afghan government is one of the most corrupt in the world. and there have been huge fears that just because all of a sudden the afghan government says it can deliver this money, whether the money will actually be delivered to the afghan people. and of course, it's extremely difficult when violence here is at an all-time high. more afghans and americans are dying here than nine years of war. rob? >> all right, thank you very much. >>> it was a horrible scene in northern mexico after gunmen opened fire on a party. at least 17 people were killed and 18 injured. some of them critically. officials say the gunmen began shooting without saying a word. investigators recovered 122 spent shells. they believe the incident was related to mexico's raging drug war. >> awful story. >>> now
members of the u.s. navy have been kidnapped by the taliban. the military now in an all-out search and rescue effort. we'll have the latest from there coming up, as well. >>> and we're going to talk to the attorney for the notorious barefoot bandit. he has spoken extensively with the former teen fugitive and says colton harris-moore is just an immature kid who doesn't want to be considered a hero. it's very interesting. >> most lawyers are guarded. but not this time. he has fascinating insight. >>> we want to begin with the flooding in the midwest. chicago just had one of its biggest rainstorms in more than a century, and eric horng is just outside the city in broadview, illinois. good morning, eric. >> reporter: these waters are certainly taking longer to recede than they did to rise. parts of this community, as you can tell, are still a mess this morning. in the meantime, west of us in iowa, all eyes are on a failed dam and the vulnerable communities now in harm's way. the breach happened quickly and violently. water gushing from the crippled dam sending boats from iowa's lake de
it is to work for the u.s. and afghan government. >> every time they can occur and kill americans, every time they can create a new message on the internet or new videotape that is part of a massive propaganda effort. >> i'm a prisoner, i want to go home. >> taliban has used a private for propaganda. he's been in custody for more than a year. he was taken into eastern afghanistan where the violence has never been higher. >> across the country more americans and afghans are dying than ever before. roadside bombs are four times effective as they were last year. yesterday they killed five more americans. >> those deaths make it the most deadliest of the war. more troops arrive here there will be more deaths and more troops will be in harm's way. >>> up next, a battle is brewing whether to keep the bush era tax breaks for the wealthy. >> scary crash at an air show in canada, pilot makes it out just in the nick of t t built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumer
and with eight states under heat advisory, the u.s. is baking. here in new york where the temperatures reached 94 on sunday, triathletes were having trouble finishing a race. 12 people were hospitalized. in arizona an elderly man chasing down his postman barefoot suffered second degree burns on his feet. >> both the right and left feet had blistered all the way across the walls of my feet. >> reporter: in boston, the mayor in charlestown extended the local pool hours to combat the 91-degree temperatures. why another heat wave? the jet stream has been staying further north this year compared to last year which is keeping more heat and humidity all across our states. >> we're seeing temperatures so hot that we haven't seen in two years. everyone is flocking to the local wateri ining holes to try cool off. we hit 102 degrees yesterday. that broke a record set back in 1971. >> just as people are susceptible to heatstroke, they can become lethargic and disoriented so the trainers here are being extra diligent to make sure the horses are hydrated within minutes of completion of a race. >> the heat inde
of the same ones that failed the u.s. the last time reform. why should we be confident they'll get it right? >> excellent question. the theory, the basic strategy in the reform bill does not rest on the wisdom of regulators. ortant two important things. it will help consumers make make choices. with better disclosure. much more clarity about the terms of the credit card about ther mortgage loan. they get better protection e ainst the risk of being taken advantage of. it also gives authority we did haveave to put in place strong constraints on risk taking on all the nation's largest institutions. existuthority did not exist before. and it was essential to what aused the near collapse of the inancial system. >> would these powers have allowed you, if you were treasury secretary at the time, or your predecessor to have staved off the crisis? >> i don't think any reform bill no law in any country that can prevent all crises. but, if we had had this adthority as a country, we would limiteen able to limit risk taking and deal with the trauma that came. less severe. it would have caused much les
that debate may be moot. if the federal government decides to step in and the u.s. supreme court ruled five years ago that local and state laws are changing. federal law is still federal law. >>> the suspect involved a gun battle with chp on interstate 580 is expected to enter a plea to attempted murder charges in court in the next couple of hours. meantime, police say they their confrontation with byron will qams may have prevented a bigger problem and they know who he was targeting. >> this morning, byron williams has yet to take the stand and enter a plea. a sheriff's deputy told me they still have to interview him and try to get him of before the judge as quickly as possible. he has medical issues. those are the gunshot wounds he suffered during the mass shootout. >> you can hear some of the shots from the intense 12 minute gun battle that took place between chp officers early sunday morning on 580 in oakland. the suspect byron williams has told investigators he hoped to start a receiver lies by traveling to san francisco and killing people of importance at the aclu and tides foundation
minutes. and there is a bang on the doors and after that, silence he was working in the u.s.. his wife and children stayed behind. and this is similar to last sunday's when a virginia man was shot and killed. police want to talk to two people seen in this video taken before that shooting. >> and also an firefighters uncovered a pot-growing operation responding to an apartment fire. 3200 block of telegraph avenue this morning. investigators sate fire started on the first floor, spread together top where the plants were found. no one was home at that time. they're searching for the cause of the fire but ruled out it being electrical. >> starting tomorrow, vallejo will cut the number of police cars by half. it's a direct result of the city crushing deficit two. officers instead of one will be assigned to each car on the road to makeup for the lack of back up. this decision comes a week after the department announced it's also suspending it's canine and s.w.a.t. programs 90 days. >> another black eye for embattled crime lab. a police official says a $140,000 machine could be used to help e
are up for grab autos this is a figure not too surprising considering in the u.s. about 13% of the household was a mortgage missed one payment or in foreclo shurs. >> there is a shadow inventory. it's working through the pipeline and bad loans out profit ses. >> this anticipation of snatching a foreclosed home is in the neighborhoods as well. people who live next to the vacant properties are eager to see them cared for once again. >> i would like someone stable to move n we've been dealing with people coming and going and trants yents. rather unscrupulous activity going on. >> 25 properties are sold per hour. some cash-only, others can be financed. this duplex previously valued $370,000 sold for $345,000. this house valued $821,000 sold for $350,000. javier god outbid but says he'll be better prepared next time. >> i just learned a lot of experience tonight. >> what did you learn? >> bring more money! >> in santa clara, abc 7 news. >> coming up, thousands of u.s. war seekers now online for anyone to see next. >> and also ahead why the state wants to get rid of some of those
economy, jobs, afghanistan and racial tensions in the u.s.. he blames the media for the forced resignation of shirley sherrod last week but admitted his administration was at fault for condemning statements before viewing the speech on race relation autos a lot of people overreacted and when it comes to race, let's acknowledge of course there is still tensions out there and there are inequalities out there and discrimination out there but we've made progress. >> the president insisted the government will recover all $60 billion in taxpayer money used to wail out the u.s. auto industry last year and expressed confidence in the economic recovery. >> if we get our mojo back over several months then i am absolutely confident that we're going to be doing terrific. >> mr. obama reveal whitd comes to twitter he has a designated tweeter. >> do you tweet? >> i don't tweet. i don't tweet on a regular basis. no. i think there is a official president's tweet. some 20-year-old is doing a lot of the tweeting. >> and the president says he won't be a guest at chelsea clinton's wedding this weekend, he say
washington's plan to save the u.s. auto industry was a big mistake. >> and how much e-mail is too much? dry, rough, cracked? gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you? >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> good morning. it's 5:11. it is early and traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza, no signs of any back-up. metering lights wouldn't be on yet. we'll check in with frances and see if there is any traffic trouble spots and find out the forecast. >> san francisco's jobless rate is on the rise again. it was 9.2, but in june it jumped to 9.6%. o
in one of the biggest leaks of american military documents. it could lead to war crime charges for u.s. soldiers. >> at the hall of justice in san francisco, san francisco police chief plans to civilianize a portion of the police force. he is planning to hire 15 crime scene investigators and put 15 uniform officers they replace out on the street to fight crime. >> if you are leaving town, only flight delays are only incoming. with scattered thunderstorms around the southeast we'll have >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> bell ringing on wall street. investors are checking out the european markets. last week, regulators said 7 of the 91 banks if the economy worsened we'll have a report in 15 minutes. >> being called one of the biggest leaks of classified documents in u.s. history. this morning the whistle-blower website, leaked 91,000 military paperwork, include evidence of war crimes. white house and the pentagon are on damage control mode. john hendron shows us what is out there and what else may be on the way. >> this flood of documents was written between
plans to appeal a federal judge's ruling against immigration law at the u.s. ninth circuit of appeals later today. new law went into effect earlier this morning but a block many key provisions yesterday. many people showed their support for undocumented immigrants by blocking traffic around seventh street during last night's rush hour. san francisco police arrested 19 people, most clergy members for blocking traffic last night. legal analyst dean john believes today's appeal is the next legal showdown in the case. >> the judge said she was painfully aware of what illegal immigration caused but who gets to solve the problems? federal government or state and local government? >> it would have required police to question a person's immigration status if an officer suspects them of being the u.s. illegally while investigating them for another crime. >> oakland police are starting to getting ready to how they will deal with the reaction to the sentencing of johannes mehserle in the shooting death of oscar grant. a meeting rud some of the same law enforcement agencies that assisted oakland
the actual flow rate once and for all. under u.s. law, bp would be fined up to $4,300 per barrel per day if gross negligence is proven. meaning bp's bill on day 86, using the government's highest estimates, could total more than $22 billion. and bp has been vastly underestimating the size of the spill for months now. at first by a factor of 60. and there's some suspicion that bp may never want an accurate number of that tally ever to surface. ron. >> matt, nearly $22 billion, that is a staggering amount of money. >> reporter: yes, it is, and that doesn't mention the claims from fishermen to stockholders and of course the cleanup. bp has shelled out $3.5 billion so far and more. we're learning that work on the cleanup could continue here for years, ron. >> it could go a lot higher than that $22 billion. thank you, matt gutman. >>> the oil may not be flowing, but there's still a lot of activity going on above the wellhead. reporter ted oberg was on the water today. >> reporter: ron, as the well testing closed in and surpassed the 48-hour mark, it was quiet out here. no recovered oil being
, four u.s. senators called on the british government to investigate claims the firm pushed for abdelbaset al megrahi's release last year in exchange for an oil exploration deal in libya worth nearly a billion dollars. >> it's almost too disgusting to fathom. >> reporter: tonight, a bp spokesman told abc news the company did express concern to the british government about quote slow progress on a prisoner transfer agreement with libya, aware this could have a negative impact on bp's exploration agreement. however, bp says it never mentioned megrahi specifically and was not involved in any discussions about his release. 26 libyans were in british prisons at the time of the agreement, though it was megrahi who libya wanted free. for relatives of victims of the lockerbie bombing, the allegation sparked immediate outrage. >> i find it absolutely shocking and horrifying that this could absolutely upturn an entire justice system. >> reporter: the british government in power at the time of the bp deal has alternated between insisting it was motivated purely by a desire to bring lib
have never tested food for petroleum before. and there is now $140,000 from the u.s. food and drug administration. >> this is looking for an after yeah of toxic chemicals. >> this is about two dozen. >> some of those have potential to cause cancer in humans this, is one of eight that will be testing seafood pulled from oily waters to give consumers as far as california confidence in what comes from the gulf. >> i think that californians consume gulf shrimp and oysters. >> this lab will have equipment in place in case there is this anywhere else in the country. >> there is some important change as head for u.s. financial system. the measure clamps down on lending and creates a new agency to protect consumers. and this gives new powers to break up companies that threaten the question kme. the president says it will bring security to families and businesses. >> because of this reform the american people will never be asked to foot the bill for wall street mistakes. there will be no taxpayer funded bailouts. period. >> some argue it's too heavy handed. >> there is a is a bill widely su
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and a new fear. a closer review of the papers shows they contain the names of afghans who worked as u.s. sources, providing sensitive information to help. people whose lives may now be on the line, and here's martha raddatz. >> reporter: we are blurring the names of the informants, but al qaeda and the taliban have already been able to see them on the wikileaks website. names of ordinary afghans who have risked their lives to help american forces and now could very well lose their lives. >> it's entirely possible that within days, weeks, people will be killed as a result of this kind of an exposure. >> reporter: there are numerous examples. the identity of a district chief of a village we won't name informed coalition forces that the taliban are planning to attack district offices soon. this one names a man who is trying to defect from the taliban and turned over a letter about taliban plans for attacks. and another one, the name of a local man who had gone to the u.s. military to tell them the name of a taliban leader responsible in a recent attack by "an estimated 100-plus taliban fig
been wiped out. orter: the tuthe u.s. auto industry turnaround is the job losses? he job losses? more than 330,000 in 2008, have topped. and the industry is actually hiring new workers. 55,000 over the past year. >> kept the doors open, kept the heghts on. >> we're hoping we're on a hopingk. >> reporter: the president mocked republicans who loudly epublicans whoilout and predicted it would not work. >> they don't like admitting >> n when i do the right thing. but they might have had to admit it. want allt all of you to know, i will bet on the american worker ny day of the week. >> reporter: one of the biggest critics was republican richard shelby. today, he still thinks the out was a s a mistake. >> the american taxpayers are still on the hook, will always be on the hook. still on the h a lot of this money will never this money w >> reporter: he's actually right about that. the bush administration gave the bu n, nothan $25 billion, no strings attached, to bailout gm and chrysler. and and nobody expects that money to torepaid. st they have already started repaying some of the $60 billi
. meanwhile, they have robots along the u.s. border that say "hola." >>> good morning. as the economy continues to sputter and violence escalates in afghanistan, vice president joe biden finds himself at the center of the obama administration's most critical policy decisions. he's the president's point man on iraq as well. he's in charge of managing the federal government's massive $862 billion stimulus package. that's where we began in the secretary of war suite on the white house grounds. i know that some in the white house feel wall street reform, health care legislation, stimulus. and yet, the public still thinks this country is on the wrong track. are you not getting enough credit? you and the administration? >> look, these are gigantic packages to deal with the gigantic problem we inherited. a lot of people really involved don't even know what is inside the package. you have, for example, mr. boehner already calling for the repeal of the reform that just passed on wall street. people don't realize in that reform, you say, look, we have had meat inspection 100 years ago. they did
byrd. they want to extend those out of work for six months also. >> china has past the u.s. to become the world's biggest energy consumer. it's the latest evidence of china's growth. it's driven up prices in of oil and coal in recent years. a decade ago, china's use was half that of u.s. >> one thing people are spending less on, home entertainment. tv and entertainment continue to follow because a drop of a dvd sales. video on demand all rose but not enough to offset the drop in dvds. >>> retailers are hoping to get shoppers in the holiday spirit now with discounts normally reserved for christmas. stores have been promoting christmas in july on their websites after the success they saw last year with a similar promotion. for the first time, tart is getting in the game. it's offering a one day online sale starting friday morning from clothing to blu-ray disk players. some retail analysts wonder if the christmas in july sales will hurt back to school sales because it's back-to-back. >> what do you think the weather will be like for christmas shopping this weekend? >> if you head outside
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